The Painful Leaky Gut Syndrome

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The leaky gut syndrome is a notorious disorder related to the damaging and modifications that are caused to the inner lining of the bowel system. This disorder mostly goes unnoticed by many people simply because of the various reasons that can cause the damage to the intestine lining. Right from parasites living inside our body to a unhealthy diet, the leaky gut syndrome can happen to anyone with an unusual activity related to the digestive system. The disorder, however, derives its name from the fact that the person contracting this has a gut wall which becomes unusually permeable to dietary molecules and other large size particles. This is extremely harmful to the body because even the parasites or the harmful molecules can seep into our body creating other diseases and disorders.


The leaky gut syndrome is most commonly associated with gluten intolerance, as the body is not able to bear the compound and hence the syndrome gets worse with its consumption. Hence, the doctors handling such cases strictly order the patients to completely get off improper diet which may result into gluten intolerance. Considering the fact that the leaky gut syndrome is related to the digestive system, it is an obvious conclusion that it can be controlled and treated by maintaining a healthy diet. For this, you should consult a good physician and a dietician, who would suggest the best form of diet for your condition. For this, it is suggested to start having a fiber rich diet as it would improve the absorbability of the gut lining and slowly help rebuilding it. Besides this, you can also ask for suggestions related to the kind of dietary supplements to negate the effects of gluten intolerance in your body.


Also, there are some helpful medicines available in the market which you can use to speed up the process of recovery for your bowel lining. Having had the disorder for a while, chances are that some harmful substances would have seeped into your blood stream as well. So to fight off those molecules, you should get your blood tested and have the necessary medication for that as well. But, in case you are not too keen on pumping more chemicals into your body through drugs, you can turn to alternative medicine forms such as ayurveda or homeopathy as well. So with proactive measures, you can fight off the impact of gluten intolerance and leaky gut syndrome.

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The Painful Leaky Gut Syndrome

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This article was published on 2011/03/21